What We Do

BCD designs distinctive strategies and programs that generate superior results. BCD plans and launches successful programs–including accelerators, business incubators and other models–that foster entrepreneurship and start new businesses. BCD also designs these programs as technology commercialization vehicles that assist inventors and entrepreneurs move from bench to market.

BCD has a unique focus: clusters or verticals. BCD plans cluster, or vertical, focused incubators and accelerators that aid in the diversification of your local economy, leverage your strengths, and enhance your ecosystems.

BCD also provides guidance to operating incubators and accelerators on program management, strategy and financial sustainability. BCD provides direction on how your program can become a best practice program.

Additionally, BCD develops strategies that catalyze emerging innovation clusters. BCD evaluates entrepreneurial ecosystems and recommends paths to making them vibrant.

For every type of project, BCD deploys a proven process that effectively engages stakeholders and builds consensus, thereby increasing the prospects for adoption and funding of the plans and strategies. Every project is designed to create measurable outcomes.